About Us

About Us

Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia (SH&FPA) has been a leader in shaping the health rights agenda through advocacy, networking and capacity building at the national and international levels for over 30 years. As a not-for-profit organization with charitable status, we work collaboratively with other national and international non-government organisations, governments and the private sector to achieve improved sexual and reproductive health and rights.

SH&FPA is the national peak body for sexual health and family planning organisations in Australia (our Member Organisations). Collectively, these Member Organisations provide a range of sexual and reproductive health clinical services, community education programs, professional training and research.

In 2011, these Member Organisations provided over a quarter of a million clinical services to the public across Australia. This included cancer prevention through pap smears and vaccinations, contraception and family planning services, and STI diagnosis and treatment.

Our Member Organisations are the only specialist provider of sexual and reproductive health workforce training and development in Australia. Every year these Member Organisations train Australia’s primary health care workforce, including GPs, nurses and aboriginal health workers.

They also provide education and health promotion to primary and secondary school teachers, students, community workers, government agencies, disability workers and the general public.

These Member Organisations produce and disseminate quality research, data and policy advice to government, businesses, community organisations and the public.

Our objectives

  • Expand and strengthen a national approach to sexual and reproductive health, including family planning, for all Australians with a focus on high needs and at risk populations
  • Advocate for policies that support a public and population health response to sexual health and family planning needs in Australia and internationally
  • Disseminate and educate on best practice research and policies

The issues

  • Sexual and reproductive health is important throughout life. It is fundamental to a positive identity and for the enjoyment of social relationships
  • Unwanted pregnancy, sexual violence, homophobia, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infertility are major contributors to morbidity and associated costs in Australia
  • Many sexual and reproductive health problems are preventable. Current levels of ill health and government investment in treatment services and research require urgent attention
  • Sexual and reproductive ill health disproportionately affects population groups already experiencing inequalities related to gender, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability, and other factors
  • The Australian Government is a signatory to international treaties that require the respect, protection and fulfilment of sexual and reproductive rights for all people

How we work

SH&FPA works collaboratively and in partnership with other national and international sexual health and family planning organisations, government, industry and the private sector where there are common objectives to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Please contact us for more information or advice on how you can support our work