The pharmacist is often the first health professional a person talks to with regards to their sexual and reproductive health and rights. SH&FPA has partnered with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia  to establish a solid framework for commitment and ongoing co-operation between the two national organisations.

One result of our partnership is an online Emergency Contraceptive Update, available through the PSA  websites. This update enables pharmacists to educate themselves on the latest developments and guidelines in the supply of emergency contraception. The module also leads pharmacists through using the PSA supply guidelines and checklist to guide a customer through decision-making.

Pharmacists can also enrol in an online webinar, where experts discuss scenarios for the supply of emergency contraception, highlighting ethical, legal, and practitioner issues that community pharmacists may have to negotiate in their supply of emergency contraception.

PSA’s Guidance for provision of a Pharmacist Only medicine Levonorgestrel


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