“Time for Change” statement supports increased use of LARCs

“Time for Change” statement supports increased use of LARCs

SH&FPA’s “Time for Change” statement was launched at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference in Darwin. The statement makes 15 recommendations for action by clinical professional organisations, governments, research institutes, and health service providers,

to support the increased use of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) to reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion rates in Australia.


Everyone has the right to information about and access to safe, affordable contraceptive choices. While Family Planning Organisations do not endorse one method of contraception over another, it is essential that Australian women receive accurate evidence-based information on the safety, efficacy, advantages and disadvantages of all methods to facilitate a choice based on their personal needs, preferences and medical suitability


SH&FPA encourages health care practitionersto support ways to increase the use of LARCs — in view ofstudies showing that women who use LARCs reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy twenty fold.

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